Company Overview

Thai Worker Enterprise Recruitment Co., Ltd (TWE) was established in 1998 by a team of motivated professionals
with strong emphasis being place on "Quality".
TWE holds an Oversea Recruiting License from the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour

Today, TWE stands stronger and well-equipped by moving to a newly set up premises, in 2008, which consist of an oversea recruiting agency (TWE),
a testing center (Bangsaothung Testing Center), a welding and piping school (TWE Technical School) and accommodation up to 300 persons for personnel
and staff. These enable us to provide exclusively "One Stop Service" to our clients.

Bangsaothung Testing Center holds a testing license from the Department of Skill Development which enables to test and qualify civil and mechanical personnel

TWE, Technical School is under supervision of the Ministry of Education. It conducts intensive courses for pope fitters and plate and pope welders

In 2007, TWE expanded labour sources to Hanoi,Vietnam and Yangon, Myanmar. In Hanoi, we set up a welding training center which considered being the very first and only professional welding training center in Vietnam with nearly 200 welding boosts to train young Vietnameses.

Why Choose Us ?

Japanese shipyard

TWE is the noly Thai agent to send Thai workers to Japanese shipyard since 2007

TWE is a one stop service whth 1 owner which consists of

- An oversea recruiting license
- A skill testing center license
- A welding and piping school license

TWE is the firstr and only Thai agent to

set up a welding training center in Vietnam since 2008 in Hanoi to supply to Korean construction companies for Middle East Projects